Security is a cornerstone of our operations.

This is one pillar of the Zup culture. Security and confidentiality are part of our daily routine!
politica de privacidade

These are our 7 security rules

  1. Utilize information exclusively for the intended purpose of your activity.
  2. Seek explicit authorization from Zup before using images, names, logos, and customer cases.
  3. Monitor and report any breaches of this Code to the Ethics and Compliance Area.
  4. Seek explicit authorization from Zup before approaching professionals employed by clients or their providers about working at Zup.
  5. Never share usernames and passwords. Credentials are designed for personal use and are non-transferable.
  6. Always contact the Ethics and Compliance Area whenever you have questions regarding the possibility of sharing information.
  7. Do not use pirated software and/or products lacking a valid corporate use license.

Information security for suppliers

Our security rules apply to all suppliers who work with us.

To become a Zup supplier, all providers are required to complete an Information Security questionnaire. The responses are analyzed to determine compliance with our security policy and rules for the entire service process.


– All questions must be answered;

– Additional information or documents may be requested if necessary;

– The required evidence must be sent along with this form; failure to provide evidence may affect the timeframe for our analysis and response.

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

At Zup, we take security very seriously. One of our cultural pillars is: We are security guardians. From the very beginning, we have been educating and guiding zuppers towards the best security practices.

Our development process incorporates quality assurance steps to make sure our environment, products and customers are always secure. Nevertheless, when complex technology products are involved, the possibility of security vulnerabilities cannot be ruled out.

SecGov, our dedicated Information Security and Governance team, conceived this program to encourage responsible examination and detection of security issues and vulnerabilities at Zup.

Contributions from the community play a vital role in enhancing the security of the tech environment. If you find a bug, cybersecurity risk or vulnerability in any of our products or environment, this is the proper channel to alert us.

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