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Here you will make progress like never before!

We create technology in an environment that fosters your development, fast growth, and high performance.

You are in charge, but we give you a unique combination of resources, such as a valuable development plan, focus on well-being, and constant learning from people who are passionate about innovation.


We adopted the anywhere office, so you can work from wherever you want! We created Freedom to adjust work to life, not the other way around. With that, zuppers are living all over the world:

+ 400



Brazilian states

+ 6


We left behind where we work to focus on how we work.
We created internal processes so that remote work is the standard:


Future of
Work Area


Offices where in-person
work is optional

Zupper communities
all over Brazil

Mobility Policy

Health and
Wellbeing Manifesto

Manuals for
self-management at work

Ergonozup: ergonomics analysis
at workstations

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Our culture pillars

Zup doesn’t just develop software, it develops people. With that in mind, we have created an environment that supports experimentation and helps you face challenges, evolve and be who you are.

Benefits for zuppers

Work fits into life, not the other way around. Here, it’s not just your career that matters, we want you to have physical and mental health and well-being to achieve the best professional and personal experience of your life.

We live
our culture

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Diversity and Inclusion
We believe in people’s potential and embrace those who had little or no access to an environment of exponential growth. We have created the Diversity and Inclusion area based on the pillars Enter, Be and Evolve, which encourage all stages of the zupper experience.

Our way of hiring

Na imagem do corpo de texto da página "Carreira Zup", podemos ver um mosaico de fotos com inúmeras pessoas Zuppers.

Online registration

We take care of people so that they feel included and make progress both at work and in their personal lives, ensuring more diversity and representation.

Behavioral fit

This is the time to get to know each other better and understand to what extent we fit together!

Technical fit

We assess your hard skills, experience, and problem-solving abilities. At this point, you talk to our tech experts and proceed in different ways, according to different profiles.

Fit with the team

No one does anything alone here. That’s why we designed a step in the process to allow you to get to know your future team and vice versa. We want the best match possible.


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