Zup’s Culture

The evolution of who we are

We were born from a big dream: to provide an environment of exponential evolution for people and transform Brazil into a globally recognized technology hub.

Our cultural values connect us to our essence, and invite us to dare more, to dream higher, and to be even better… and we will be!

Our culture values

Zup’s culture is our essence, it is what we believe in and what guides our actions on a daily basis. Therefore, zuppers act with leadership, proactivity, autonomy and responsibility to add value to peers, customers and society in an agile and efficient way.

Our culture values are:

Zuppers help people

  • We care for people beyond Zup’s limits.
  • We support each other, collaborate and overcome obstacles together.
  • Whoever works with Zup knows they can count on us, no matter if they are zuppers, clients or partners.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Zupper Ajuda Zuper

Zuppers impact the world

  • We invest time in sharing knowledge and resources with those in need.
  • We create opportunities to transform lives through technology.
  • We value the investment of time in this.
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We are nerds

  • We create technology and that is why we have a very high technical level.
  • Constant evolution is what keeps us relevant.
  • Adopting and evolving our products is as important as creating them.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Somos Nerds

We are off the charts

  • Our bar is high, after all, there is nothing better than working with resourceful people.
  • We are brave to make decisions, even difficult ones, to ensure we have the best team.
  • We teach each other, regardless of seniority.
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Our success is our customers’ success

  • Customers are the reason we exist.
  • We actively listen with empathy and humility, in order to deeply understand our clients’ needs.
  • We build solutions that add real value on a regular basis.
  • Our evolution is our customers’ evolution, also from a career-oriented perspective.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Nosso Sucesso é o Sucesso do Nosso Cliente

We deliver fast in a lean way

  • No waste. We consider every investment, and allocate resources in a lean and responsible way.
  • We prototype, we fail fast, and we learn faster.
  • Our focus is on what is essential. We understand and prioritize what really matters.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Entregamos Rápido de Forma Enxuta

Our work is based on ethics, respect, and inclusion

  • Ethics is non-negotiable. More than just abiding by the rules, integrity and honesty are fundamental values to us.
  • We value people from all walks of life. We offer space, voice, choice, and evolution to everyone.
  • Diversity and Inclusion to truly innovate. For us, different points of view are key to creating plural and accurate solutions.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Trabalhamos com Ética, Respeito e Inclusão

We are security guardians

  • Being responsible is our obligation! After all, we impact thousands of people with our solutions.
  • We value, respect and protect our environments, access, applications and data of customers and users.
  • Whenever an enhancement is implemented, we offer great experiences (such as Dev Experience) and put ideas into action at a brisk pace.
Ilustração que representa o pilar Somos Guardiões da Segurança

Join us!

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