Essential Architecture Framework

Create efficient, scalable, adaptable, and secure applications keeping the cloud costs in mind, based on what is essential to your business.

In the technology sector, there are countless tools and solutions. Usually, too many options can reduce objectivity and make a solution unnecessarily complex, resulting in unexpected over-engineering and making the software much more expensive, slow, and inefficient.

As a result, the development team still needs to deal with some issues, such as:
  • How to achieve the solution’s main goal considering this unwanted complexity;
  • Time waste based on an uncertain projection of the future;
  • How to avoid the temptation to adopt technology just because it is trending;
  • Generating a high cloud cost while dealing with a high operational risk.
It is important to follow a path based on a strategy that works for now but that has a high maintenance capacity. No one can predict the future, but creating software ready for constant changes and evolutions — which both the market and your business demand — is more than a competitive advantage. It is what will sustain the company in the long run.

In a world of excess,
we turn to what is

In a world of excess, we turn to what is essential: focusing our time and energy on what really matters, optimizing the development process, and ensuring the organization achieves its business goals.

Based on years of experience impacting major players in various market segments, our proposal prioritizes what is essential to develop modern, resilient, secure, and easily maintainable applications, all while solving real problems and meeting business challenges, fitting into a single product: Stackspot.

Introducing the
Essential Architecture Framework

The Essential Architecture Framework is a valuable tool for companies looking to stand out in the technology market. Composed of four essential specialties, it can help organizations create efficient, scalable, adaptive, and secure applications while carefully considering cloud costs.

The Essential Architecture Framework is the result of Zup’s experience as a company that has made a real impact on major technology companies in many markets. This framework presents a complete set of solutions that organizations can apply in different business contexts.

We believe that sharing knowledge about how we create incredible products and solutions develops our ecosystem and showcases Brazil’s technological potential to the world. That is why we share this framework of best practices, which we believe in and adopt in our daily work.
You already know that we create technology. Now you’ll learn a bit more about how we do it.

The Essential Architecture Framework’s target audience is people working in tech-related fields, such as software development, architecture, and infrastructure, who want to impact their businesses with technology.

The ultimate goal of the framework is to provide companies with the ability to create efficient, scalable, adaptive, and secure applications that meet market needs and bring value to the business. With it, optimizing costs, ensuring information security, and standing out in an increasingly competitive market is possible.

The Essential Architecture Framework
consists of 4 specialties:

Discover an efficient and modern way to impact your business by harnessing the latest technologies.
Activate the full potential of data within your company, optimizing costs and making services more efficient.
Learn how to build a cloud computing infrastructure from scratch or how to modernize one with flexibility and cost savings.
Prevent cyber attacks against your company and ensure a truly secure operation, from development to data management.
StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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