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Zup Studio App allows your team to develop applications that address the market’s needs in a scalable, efficient, and resilient way.

Accelerate the construction and adoption of tech products and their applications

Build highly scalable systems with modernized legacy systems  in a fast and lean way

Evaluate architecture standards to reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency

Reduce cognitive load

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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Essential Architecture Framework

A valuable tool for companies looking to stand out in the technology market. Composed of essential specialties for an scalable architecture.

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Localiza faced challenges such as a lack of standardization and low engineering quality, few incentives to reuse, the lack of structure to use data as a product, and the need to migrate from on-premises and legacy systems to the cloud. The solutions introduced by Zup Studio App included using StackSpot’s EDP, creating tech products for data, quality, pipeline, and cloud, as well as migrating legacy data and making it possible to modernize architectures and reduce costs.


developers using StackSpot, increasing the reuse and the speed of development


60 days after D0, 196 applications were built using StackSpot


At first, Iti’s coverage test ratio was low (20%), and over 50 QAs were acting to automatize tests on a single app. So the strategy was to create a quality studio at StackSpot, with four stacks (Mobile Robot, Mobile Serenity, API RestAssured, and API Serenity) and plug-ins that added Kafka, SQS, SNS, and MobileCenter’s validation.


From 20% to 90% automatized test coverage in less than 5 months


A 40% reduction in the test efforts for manual regressions.

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