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Zup Studio Cloud is our solution to optimize your products and services to create impact and draft assertive business goals in an intelligent, efficient, and safe way.

Ensure resilience and quality in your management
Implement cloud security best practices
Stimulate the practice of FinOps and optimize your use of resources
Implement an error budget policy
Spread the observability culture in your organization
Enhance resiliency and improve the experience with application fixes and rollbacks during deployments

Reduce cognitive load

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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Essential Architecture Framework

A valuable tool for companies looking to stand out in the technology market. Composed of essential specialties for an scalable architecture.

Some of our clients

Our Cloud cases


Amongst the challenges faced by Localiza, there was the need to migrate from on-premises and legacy systems to the cloud.

By adopting the EDP StackSpot, Localiza managed to create tech products for the cloud and to act on migrating legacy systems to the StackSpot Cloud.

As over 1.4k developers were using the tool, it was possible to support the entire modernization journey by distributing standards and also reducing cloud costs with the StackSpot Cloud Service.


At Itaú, Zup Studio Cloud addressed the slow migration of local applications to the cloud, the team’s increased cognitive load, reduced security flaws, and improved the quality of manual deployments. With highly qualified cloud engineers and the implementation of a new error budget policy, we have had meaningful results, such as faster delivery times, fewer incidents, and fewer implementation flaws.


faster lead time for sector provisioning


more successful deployments and -75% flawed deploys


AWS accounts


cloud community tickets in 12 months


fewer incidents


mean time to repair environment


in reduction of third parties involved in the operation

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