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Zup Studio Data comes up to improve the operational efficiency of data management through assertive analysis and artificial intelligence. It also facilitates the implementation of a strategy to integrate data in critical environments in a simple, fast, secure, and reliable way. You can also control a large volume and several kinds of information, aiming to find a balance between your business’ growth and data governance.

Use plug-ins and adaptors to integrate structured and non-structured data

Provide integration with AI through MLOps Stack

Accelerate solution’s design and implementation for  Big Data, Analytics & AI

Optimize the use of data with Advanced Analytics

Visualize your data in real-time with analytical solutions – such as the use of dashboards 

Use customized data architecture: Batch, Streaming, Event, Real-time, and Near Real-Time

Address architecture, design, and implementation with Data Lake, Lake House, Data Fabric, and Data Mesh

Include machine learning models in complex and scalable environments, besides integrating corporate systems

Practice observability and monitoring models in production by identifying performance loss

Reduce cognitive load

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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A valuable tool for companies looking to stand out in the technology market. Composed of essential specialties for an scalable architecture.

Some of our clients

Our Data cases

Itaú - Banking and investments

Ion is Itaú’s investment banking branch, allowing customers to check their investments through an app. Using Zup Data Studio’s model, it was possible to understand customers’ investment profiles aiming to increase the company’s portfolio and the share of wallet through a new open finance application in only 6 months.


of the main investment banking organizations in Brazil are connected


pieces of information about investment processed and enriched in 7 months


connections consented by customers to aggregate data from other financial institutions


active monthly customers with integrated data in different financial institutions

Itaú - Personal Finance Management

The bank’s challenge was conducting predictive analysis through the app and chatbot, tools that help customers make the best financial decisions. For that, they created new PFM applications in only a few months. Zup Data Studio provided scalable, consistent, and prepared integrated methods to accelerate analysis processes.

+2 Bi

customer accounts and credit card transactions processed and enriched using ML models

+1.3 Mi

people actively engaging with the app’s personalized content through a bot advisor

+2.5 TB

data transformed into financial indexes that describe customers’ profiles and financial behavior

+10 TB

data processed and stored in the data platform

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