As technology and the internet became more popular, sadly, the attacks of digital criminals also evolved. Some of these attacks may not only impact a company’s business and/or credibility for a period, as well as invisibilizing at once. With the security pillar, the organization prevents these attacks and protects the most precious goods of the new era: the data.

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Application security

Its origins come from the need to create and deliver safer solutions by preventing and raising awareness among employees, reducing vulnerabilities, building, implementing, and creating tools that foster a safe development culture.

The verification for vulnerabilities is done by using static application security testing and dynamic application security testing (SAST/DAST) and/or frameworks for such goals, such as OWASP’s standards, aiming to mitigate them, thus making the application safer. 

At last, the field of application security aims to apply all the aforementioned practices alongside the development teams to ensure a high level of protection in companies’ products. 

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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