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Data Mesh 

Data Mesh is a modern data architecture that helps organizations face problems arising from the abundance of data available for analysis

When thinking and organizing data based on this paradigm, it is possible to scale the adoption and increase the success of data initiatives, enabling and accelerating companies’ data-driven journey. 

Its key elements are: 

  • Distributed ownership of domain data

Responsibility over data should be distributed among the teams in the organization instead of being centralized in a single entity or department.

  • Data as a product

Create and distribute data as a quality product, ensuring they are documented, and there are safe ways to consume them.

  • Self-service data infrastructure

Have a platform that offers a self-service infrastructure experience so that teams can create and manage the entire lifecycle of their data products autonomously in a simple and fast way.

  • Federated Governance

It refers to a data governance model integrated with the data platform as technology and tools. It ensures that the distribution of responsibility is organized and productive for the company, removing unnecessary approval bottlenecks while ensuring security and compliance.

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