Build from scratch or update a cloud-based infrastructure. Then, make the most of it with security, flexibility, resilience, and savings. Developers can create components in a secure and scalable way and have full autonomy during a business application. They don’t need to understand “build and run,” which is getting more complex by the day. The goal is to allow the tech professional to focus on the business characteristics and create value during optimization. Spending a team’s energy on defining the structure and architecture for the application of each microservice can be a waste of energy.

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Cloud computing brings numerous advantages to organizations, such as access to unlimited resources. However, this huge power comes at a cost.

The FinOps culture fosters the responsibility of using, managing, and dealing with computational resources efficiently and consciously. 

The goal is, above all, promoting practices and methodologies to engage the entire organization in using resources efficiently and in a conscious way instead of entrusting this responsibility to a single person or team. 

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

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