As technology and the internet became more popular, sadly, the attacks of digital criminals also evolved. Some of these attacks may not only impact a company’s business and/or credibility for a period, as well as invisibilizing at once. With the security pillar, the organization prevents these attacks and protects the most precious goods of the new era: the data.

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Cybersecurity threat intelligence

Cyberthreat intelligence is a discipline of cybersecurity within the Blue Team strategies that involves collecting, analyzing, and sharing information about threats and cyberattacks.

An organization that aims to protect its digital assets and minimize security-related risks must consider investing in people, processes, and technologies related to cybersecurity defense. 

Relevant topics regarding cybersecurity threat intelligence:

  • Understanding the threat environment: the organization needs to understand its threats regarding technical characteristics and the attackers’ goals.
  • Spotting vulnerabilities: the knowledge regarding threats may help identify vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and processes that opponents may explore.
  • Improving detection: with a better comprehension of the threat scenario, the organization can enhance its detection system of suspicious activities and anomalies.
  • Prevent attacks: cybersecurity threat intelligence information can also be used to develop and implement preventive measures that minimize the possibility of successful attacks.
  • Reducing the response time: When attacks happen, the organization can use Cyber Threat Intelligence information to respond quickly and limit the impact.
  • Sharing information: the collaboration and sharing of information with other organizations and government organs may help improve cybersecurity efficiency in the entire sector.
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