Build from scratch or update a cloud-based infrastructure. Then, make the most of it with security, flexibility, resilience, and savings. Developers can create components in a secure and scalable way and have full autonomy during a business application. They don’t need to understand “build and run,” which is getting more complex by the day. The goal is to allow the tech professional to focus on the business characteristics and create value during optimization. Spending a team’s energy on defining the structure and architecture for the application of each microservice can be a waste of energy.

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Containers orchestration

Utilizing containers to materialize workloads in a microservices ecosystem can be challenging. That happens because it is complex to deal with the container, keep it healthy, and communicate with other services. 

Container orchestration tools are essential for the cloud-native framework, such as Kubernetes and its managed implementations, not to mention services that abstract even Kubernetes’ complexity, such as ECS.

A few relevant topics about container orchestration are: 

  • Kubernetes is not the only solution and can be complex. Thus it is important to consider some managed alternatives that abstract this complexity according to your project and/or environment;
  • The container orchestration ecosystem, especially Kubernetes, is very active, as new solutions emerge daily. Therefore, observing the adoption and how mature new technologies are is crucial;
  • Security should be considered, including access and permissions management and resource isolation. 

Packaging microservices into Kubernetes artifacts is beneficial due to the portability, allowing the execution of different workloads in different providers, and allowing on-premises reproduction with tools such as minikube and kind. This is useful for developers who need to test applications on-premises before implementing them in production. 

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