Bet on the power of a data-oriented culture in your company. Monetize them and diminish advanced analytics’ costs, allowing your teams to create and share data products in a streamlined, fast, safe, and reliable way.

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Data Mesh Stack

Monetize data by turning them into products using the Data Mesh approach for your analytics solution.

Through this new approach created by Zhamak Dehghani, it is possible to reduce operating costs by simplifying its architecture to develop products from data, using the cloud efficiently, and reducing your teams’ cognitive loads. 

With Data Mesh, creating and sharing data in a few minutes is possible. Use federated data governance to obtain democratized and ready-for analysis in a safe and reliable way.

Following this operation, increase your data quality, avoiding garbage-in and garbage-out. Document and share in a simple and fast way.  

StackSpot empowers the technology team with reusable parts like Zup Studios that ensure safety, quality, and efficiency.

Reduce cognitive load

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