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Databases ensure the state of modern applications and can keep and manage all the information and expertise generated by the organization and its respective customers. 

Their ability to provide quick and efficient access guarantees a better user experience and opens up new business opportunities and insights that can be better explored within the realm of data.

Key points about databases:

  • Currently, there are more than four hundred database solutions separated into SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL.
  • SQL databases have great maturity, with well-documented query analysis tools, observability, and backup tools. They are recommended for a wide range of applications, especially those that need to explore ACID properties. 
  • When it comes to distributed storage, we always run into the CAP theory, which states that we can never achieve consistency, availability, and partition tolerance simultaneously.
  • NoSQL databases are an emerging solution that has gained space and become famous for various use cases in different areas. They are commonly categorized based on the data structure they store, with the most popular being key-value, wide-column, document, graph, and time series.
  • NewSQL databases offer a hybrid solution and attempt to bring aspects of easier horizontal scalability alongside with the mature concepts of ACID and SQL queries. 
  • Think about scheme evolution strategies. It is essential to ensure that data can still be read even after inevitable model and time updates.
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