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When it comes to the market, performance tends to be a competitive advantage. The faster everything happens, the better. It is still important in a controlled environment but has less impact.

It is necessary to balance the speed of responses while the system maintains medium- and long-term health levels.

Key points about performance:

  • Define what should be measured to evaluate the application’s performance.
  • Measure performance based on customer perception.

Even if performance is evaluated only regarding the response time, consider customers’ perception (human or machine). Understanding the impact and working to deliver what creates more value is essential.

  • On a larger scale, maintaining the performance requirements can be quite challenging, especially in a distributed system. Everything must be very well thought out at this stage because every decision that influences performance can make the software more complex.
  • When it comes to the cloud environment and its services, it is important to consider the operational costs to support the necessary performance delivery.
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